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Aura flights team with scatter vessel

About Us

Who are Aura Flights?

Aura Flights offer a truly out of this world memorial service, in the most literal of senses. Since 2017, we have been conducting flights to the stratosphere and back to scatter ashes in space. Our team members are passionate about bringing the beauty of space a little closer for everyone. To ensure a perfect result time after time, we are run by the world leaders in Near Space flight Sent Into Space. Safety and quality — guaranteed.

In early days, you may have seen our appearance on Dragons’ Den as our previous incarnation, Ascension Flights. We chose to walk away from an offer from Deborah Meaden so we could keep growing and developing our services in the way we knew our customers deserved. So far, we have conducted over 250 successful space scatterings with a perfect 5-star record on Trustpilot, we are represented in over 1,000 UK funeral homes and we now offer ashes scattering in space in the USA.

We pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious throughout every stage of the Aura Flights process, from manufacturing to recovery, concern for the blue dot we call home is ever-present. This compassion extends to the person-centred, patient, and empathetic way we approach communications.

Our team are here to help assist you every step of the way, be that to answer questions and queries regarding our unique memorial service, or to help you weather the storm of grief. We don’t believe in chatbots. We’re a people-first team and you can always expect a personal contact throughout your launch journey.

Aura Flights is dedicated to providing the best send-off possible. All our services are carried out with the utmost respect and consideration for your wants and needs. If there’s anything we can do, let us know and we’ll try to make it happen.

Aura Flights team photo

What is Aura?

In modern parlance, an aura is a distinctive quality, character or atmosphere that emanates from a person, place or thing. The word comes from Ancient Greek, where it means ‘breath’, or ‘a gentle breeze’.

Our planet’s aura is the atmosphere, which becomes visible as a blue glow on the planet's curve only when viewed from space. The atmosphere is the breath of the planet, created by all living organisms on Earth.

When someone we love passes away, their breath fades and their unique character is no longer a part of our daily lives. By scattering their ashes in space, we allow their essence to become a part of the aura of our planet, so we can remember and celebrate them whenever we look up at the stars or spend time outside enjoying the beauty of the natural world.

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