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Ashes in Space on a budget - Introducing Voyager

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Since we began launching ashes into space we've been privileged to celebrate with our customers, giving them peace and closure after an often long mourning process. We've been amazed by the sense of emotional release we've seen when people join us, launching their loved one on a breathtaking final journey. We've also listened to the feedback from our friends in the funeral care industry and are delighted to be able to extend our space launch packages to those on a more strict budget.

Introducing Voyager; the latest space flight package from Aura Flights.

Sunset from space above a sea of clouds. Earth from space

Our Voyager package is designed to let people launch their loved ones on an incredible journey to the edge of space for only £495. Upon booking the customer is sent a welcome pack through their letterbox containing a vial to fill with a small sample of cremated remains, which they then post back to us. We take care of the rest.

Safely contained within their vial, each passenger on the flight will experience the dramatic journey into Near Space and back before being reunited with the person who arranged it for them in a beautiful presentation urn. They will return home with a certificate and an image from the flight.

Aura Flights ashes in space small urn

The shared flights are scheduled monthly allowing us to keep costs to a minimum. The flights travel to around 30km into the stratosphere, with onboard cameras to record the incredible journey, which we then make into a memorial video for our customers to treasure forever.

The launch process works in much the same way as our ash scatterings using a balloon system with lighter-than-air gas to raise a launch vehicle to where the sky becomes black during the daytime and the thin blue line of the atmosphere is down below. Our bespoke Space Balloons carry their passengers to the point of burst at which point they return to Earth safely on a parachute. Our tracking systems keep us in contact with the craft the entire journey.

The service is designed as a "Space Burial" for those on a budget who would love to be able to say they'd helped fulfil a dream of space travel for their loved one. A flight can be booked directly through the Voyager page on our website. We also have guidance on how any of our packages can be added to your own will for when the time comes.

If you would like more information on any of our packages or are a funeral home looking to offer them to your customers, please get in touch with our team today.


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