Introducing Aura Flights

When the team at Sent Into Space began developing an ashes scattering service in 2016, we spent many months in research and development. Despite years of experience handling unique, high value items, it’s hard to imagine any payload more precious than a person’s earthly remains. Alongside developing a completely failproof scattering vessel, we consulted leading figures in the funeralcare industry to ensure that every aspect of our service was informed and considered.

We launched Ascension Flights in late September 2017. Since that time, we’ve helped hundreds of families to send their loved ones on a breath-taking final journey to be scattered in space. We work with over 200 funeral homes across the UK and we’ve been featured in industry publications, national newspapers and even appeared on the BBC multiple times.

Along the way, we’ve also learnt a lot more about what people want from a space scattering service. As we reach our two-year anniversary, it’s time to bring in some important changes to our service. Some of these things have already been introduced, while others are going live over the next few months.


We’ve refined the design of our scattering vessel, improved the launch day experience, streamlined our booking process and created new literature, imagery and videos to explain how the service works.

Alongside these technical changes, we’ve taken a look at the way we present our service and realised it doesn’t quite reflect our position as the leading provider and innovator in the field of space scatterings. Ultimately, we decided that we should make improvements across the board by redesigning our brand.

Our website has changed to be faster to view, easier to navigate, and better at explaining our services. We’re living at a new address: is much easier to find and explains exactly what we do from the first click. We’ll be adding more information and features over the next few weeks as well. Finally, as of 1st October 2019, we will be known as Aura Flights.


In modern parlance, an aura is a distinctive quality, character or atmosphere that emanates from a person, place or thing. The word comes from Ancient Greek meaning ‘breath’, or ‘a gentle breeze’.

When our scattering vessel completes its journey and releases its passenger’s ashes into the stratosphere, they are carried on the gentle breezes that surround the Earth, where they enter the water cycle and eventually return to the ground in raindrops or snowflakes.

Our planet’s aura is the atmosphere, which becomes visible as a blue glow on the planet's curve only when viewed from space. The atmosphere is the breath of the planet, created by all living organisms on Earth. When someone we love passes away, their breath fades and their unique character is no longer a part of our daily lives. By scattering their ashes in space, we allow their essence to become a part of the aura of our planet, so we can remember and celebrate them whenever we look up at the stars or spend time outside enjoying the beauty of the natural world.


One important change we’re making is that going forward, we will no longer be offering the Serenity Launch package. The Serenity Launch was designed to be an environmentally friendly option for those who weren’t concerned about getting a memorial video of their loved one’s scattering in space. While the feedback from previous Serenity clients has been highly positive, demand has been noticeably low compared to our Memorial and Personal Launch packages.

We’ve spoken to clients and funeral directors alike about the future of the service and in the end we’ve decided to take it back to the drawing board. We have plans to introduce a new service in the near future which will be environmentally friendly while also matching up to the high quality of our Memorial and Personal Launches. For more information, follow our social media at or feel free to drop us an email for more information at


While there are a lot of changes going on here at Aura Flights, there are some things which are staying the same as ever. We’ll always be backed by Sent Into Space, the world’s foremost experts in Near Space flight. We’ll always be working to improve our existing packages and develop amazing new scattering services. And finally, we’ll always be ready to go above and beyond to make sure that your departed loved ones receive a truly breath-taking final journey into the great unknown.