Can I scatter my ashes in space?

Make preparations for your own space burial with Aura Flights prepaid package options and rest easy knowing that when the time comes, your final journey will be breathtaking.

If you've always dreamed of travelling beyond our world, a space burial service is a beautiful way to celebrate your life after you are gone. Our service allows you to have your ashes scattered in space, 100,000 feet above the Earth's surface. You will spread out and travel on the stratospheric winds which encircle the globe for weeks and months, finally returning as rain and snow to fertilise new life wherever you land. 

Booking is simple. Choose the Aura Flights package that's right for you from our list of launch options and nominate a loved one to act as a point of contact after you've gone. We'll talk you both through the process, answering any questions you may have so there are no surprises or complications. When the time comes, we'll bring your ashes into our care and arrange everything.


With flexible payment plans, you can make a deposit now and take care of the rest in your will, or pay the full amount upfront for peace of mind. For full details or to discuss a booking, get in touch with our care team today.

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