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Beryl & Stanley Hales

Beryl & Stanley Hales


December 2023

Bon Voyage Mum and Dad. Love you so much, thankyou for everything, enjoy those adventures wherever you land. As Dad said, your worries are over now.



Stanley and Beryl

Together for over 50 years in life, and now comfort can be found in Beryl’s words; that in some way she is back with Stan again. Where she would have wanted to be many years before, if it weren’t for the many adventures with her daughter Susie. There is really no better way to sum up the incredible story of Beryl and Stan, than with Stan’s own words:

“all in all it was more than I could have ever hoped for.  In all our time together I have loved you above all else. Your hand on my shoulder was a delight to my soul”

Stan lived life to the full enjoying cooking good company, fishing, diving, ‘bad’ golf the allotment and ‘occasional’ beer with his best friend Peter; and he did them all with real zeal and enthusiasm. He tried to squash as much life out of life as he possibly could.   More than anything, he was proud of his work at Really Useful Theatres, but not boastful, he never got sucked into any fanciful new lifestyle whilst meeting the stars. Away from his job and back home, he was just still Stan.

In all this Beryl, his wife for nearly 50 years, was his anchor and his lifelong love. At Stan’s funeral she recalled the early days of their relationship telling of how Stan got her into some bad habits, like coming home from Sunday school via the pub with rosy cheeks, only in their mid-teens. Stan had a difficult time persuading Beryl’s parents that he was a suitable boyfriend, but he had some winning ways and Beryl’s parents soon accepted him. Growing up, meeting and living in the East End of London until 1973, where they moved to Hornchurch in Essex when Stan got his job as a building surveyor at Romford Brewery. Two years later their Daughter Susan was born. They never moved again. Their daughter Susan brought both Stanley and Beryl their second true love and a new dimension to their relationship. Beryl wrote to Susan, ‘we three truly have something special’.

As a wife to Stanley Beryl met her soul mate. A very rare story of childhood sweethearts, romance and fun, Beryl and Stanley racked up an incredible 57 years. Ever the hosts Beryl and Stan were the perfect pair, hosting wild parties in their youth, some with elaborate fancy dress for friends and family and countless Christmas’s for family, friends and whoever else needed a helping hand at that time of year, or a famous glass of Stanley’s port and Brandy. Susan often came to Christmas with orphaned friends whose own families were too far or less fun to be with! It was the most terrible of shocks to Beryl and Susan when Stan un-ceremonially ‘fell off the twig’ as he put it, in 2012.

The good that came of this was a new bond between mother and daughter. They became the best of friends. Beryl embarked upon many adventures with Susan, starting not least with a train trip to India, Christmas at a spa, mackerel fishing in Lyme Regis, camping in Dartmoor which culminated in a then fairly disabled beryl sleeping in a Mini. She did this like the trouper she was, as Stan had always described her.

Sister, a lifelong friend, Wife and Mother. Beryl was loved by all those she interacted with, be that for her quick wit, and dry sense of humour, or just the way in which she was so incredibly attentive and caring for all of those she met.

As a talented writer, artist and poet, Beryl entertained her close friends and family through her famous bulletin. Some her writings can be found on Instagram @beryls_briefs. Beryl also enjoyed a very successful career, putting her inquisitive skills to the test as a commended counter fraud intelligence officer….I think it’s clear where her daughter got her investigatory talents as a Forensic Scientist of 28 years.

As Beryl wrote to her daughter Susie “Given that me and dad always said we wanted to go off in bin bags in the back of a car boot, and what we actually did for dad, then I guess it will be what you want, but make it as fun as possible!” So here they are, off on their final trip into space!

Whether true or not, Beryl was sure she was going to be with Stan again and was not afraid of leaving this earth.

In 2015, Beryl added to the letter she had written to Susan, where did the time go, I have a thought; the rest is up to you…

To be blown sky High in a rocket with Dad. Together with a glass of something good and a cheer.

This was an un unexpected wish expressed by Beryl, Stan had also left letters to be found and instructed Beryl to do the same. His instructions had been to celebrate life, not sweat the small stuff and never knowingly do anyone down. Beryl advised ‘value your good friends and when you find love cherish it. Susan was engaged when Beryl died and was married only a few months later. In the sadness of being without her parents, there was some relief in knowing that Beryl had loved Chris, her husband to be and her fears of leaving Susan alone were no more.

Their constant advice, that I didn’t always take, and both their pure strength of spirit will live on forever and be with all those who knew them.

Bon Voyage Mum and Dad. Love you so much, thankyou for everything, enjoy those adventures wherever you land. As Dad said, your worries are over now.



Some of Beryl's writing can be found on Instagram on the following link:

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