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woman with dog at sunset

Pets in space

The death of a pet can be a devastating time, especially when that pet felt like family to its owner. There’s a reason they call dogs a man’s best friend.


Humans aren't the only creatures that deserve a spectacular celebration of life after they pass away, so Aura Flights’ space memorial services are also available for your furry-legged friends. We will carry out a beautiful memorial service in space for your cunning canines and curious cats to keep their memory alive, along with the paw prints on your heart.

Just as with our other memorial services, our team can arrange for the collection of your pet’s ashes so you don’t have to, before performing a breathtaking ash scattering 100,000 feet above the Earth. Following the scatter, your pet’s ashes will be carried along with the stratospheric winds across the entire globe for three to six months, eventually intertwining with the clouds to fall back down to Earth in the form of rainfall or snow.

If preferred, we can send a ceremonial portion of their ashes on a trip to space and back in a beautiful silver pet urn. We can even put together a memorial page for your animal companion on our website, including photography and any other content you’d like to share. This way you can visit fond memories anytime, anywhere.

We treat animals with the same respect and care as any of our human passengers. We understand some clients may be uncomfortable with their loved one’s ashes travelling in a vessel previously used for animals and so in addition to ensuring every vehicle is thoroughly refreshed between each launch, we have a dedicated scatter vessel reserved for pet memorial launches. They certainly don’t miss out on special treatment!

Speak to us today to book a flight for your beloved pet. Our team will take you through the process and offer their compassionate guidance and know-how every step of the way.

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