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Aura Flights scatter vessel placed on launch pad

The Scatter Vessel

Our patent-pending intelligent scatter vessel has been carefully designed and refined by our team of aerospace engineering experts over six years to deliver a beautiful scatter in space. We manufacture our scatter vessels in-house, using novel low-impact manufacturing methods such as hand-layering carbon fibre, 3D printing and CNC milling. These reduce the environmental impact of our operations and limit wasted raw materials.

Aura Flights scatter vessel with a passenger photo on the outside, scattering ashes above the thin blue line of the Earth's atmosphere

Passenger Photos

We want each and every one of our flights to reflect the unique and special nature of its passenger. In the booking process of each memorial flight, friends and family of the passenger have the opportunity to send us a passenger photo. This photo is then displayed on the exterior of the scatter vessel so it is visible in all footage of the passenger's ascent into space and subsequent scatter.

Following the completion of the passenger's flight, we return this photo to you in a custom frame, engraved with the passenger's name and details of their flight.

Computer system inside of Aura Flights intelligent scatter vessel

Flight Computer

The scatter vessel is controlled by an intelligent flight computer. It is equipped with GPS systems, enabling it to monitor the flight’s latitude, longitude and altitude at all times. Once the craft reaches the designated scatter altitude, the computer opens precisely shaped channels in the scatter vessel, allowing the ashes to flow out in a controlled, gentle cascade and enter the stratospheric winds.

The flight computer also features a two-way radio transceiver which keeps the craft in constant communication with our mission control centre and our mobile launch team on the ground. It feeds back live positional and environmental data, allowing us to track the craft throughout its flight and refine our weather models and flight path simulations.

During the ascent, the flight computer will monitor conditions and report any unexpected turbulence or adverse weather conditions to the ground team. While this is rarely necessary, we can delay or cancel the flight remotely in order to protect against a scatter which will fall short of your wish for a beautiful send-off.

Aura flights engineer adjusting antenna on Aura Flights scatter vessel

Camera systems

To document the journey and create the personalised memorial video for the passenger, the vessel is equipped with two high dynamic range 4K camera systems, designed to work perfectly even in the otherworldly vacuum of space.

Both cameras are calibrated for the unique visual environment, where the lack of atmosphere means there is no diffusion or refraction of light we experience at ground level. They are also equipped with advanced thermal regulation systems, to keep power and sensor components at an optimal working temperature.

The cameras record from the moment of launch, through the ascent into space, culminating in the moment that the ashes are released to travel the world. Following the flight, we edit the footage into a personal memorial video of the passenger, incorporating music, photographs, video clips and messages from friends and family.

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