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We take the ashes into our care

We launch and scatter the ashes

Receive your personalised memorial video

Scattering ashes in space is a complex feat of engineering, but planning a space funeral is a simple four step process. We offer a wealth of informative guides to help you understand how the process works and if you have any questions, our team are always just a phone call or email away.

A space memorial is priced at £2950, which includes the personalised memorial video and a memorial page for the passenger on our website. Every flight is dedicated to a single passenger and we can scatter the full complement of ash or retain a portion per your wishes.


When we bring the ashes into our care, we’ll allocate a window of prospective launch dates at the next available space in our schedule, for which our current lead time is around 6 weeks.

Curious about having a space memorial for yourself when you pass away?

Book your flight

1. Book the flight

When you’ve decided that sending ashes into space is right for your loved one, start the process by clicking the 'book a flight' button. We also offer payment plans to spread the cost over a 12-month period, completely interest-free. Contact our team for more details.

Once we’ve confirmed your payment, we’ll send out a flight registration form to collect all the information we need from you to conduct a perfect space scattering for your passenger.

This includes their personal details, who holds the ashes in their care, a passenger photo for the scatter vessel, and the information for their memorial video and memorial page on the website.


If there are any pieces of information you don’t have to hand, just fill in as much as you can and we’ll reach out to discuss the remaining details at a time which suits you.

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Into our care
Courier handing over ashes urn to an Aura Flights team member

2. Transfer the ashes

You can bring the ashes to our office personally, or for a nominal surcharge we can arrange a courier to collect them from wherever they are currently resting on a date that suits you.

We work directly with trusted independent drivers who personally transport ashes directly from you to our team on the same day — no depots, delays or additional handlers.


Once we take the ashes into our care, we’ll notify you that we’ve received them and advise you of the next available space in our schedule for your launch window. We allocate a window of 1 month for each passenger and aim to launch on the soonest suitable day within that month.

Scatter ashes

3. We scatter the ashes in space

In the week leading up to the start of our planned launch window, our team will be monitoring weather conditions and liaising with the Civil Aviation Authority, UK Space Agency and Air Traffic Control organisations to identify suitable flight days.

Once we have selected a suitable date, we’ll keep you informed of timings, letting you know when the launch will take place and when the ashes will be scattered.

We aim to send over a photograph of the moment of scatter by mid-afternoon of the launch day. When the landing site is particularly remote, we’ll send over an image the following morning.

Aura flights scatter vessel scattering ashes in space at sunrise with Earth and the blackness of space in the background
Memorial items
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4. You receive your memorial items

Following the launch, we’ll create the personalised memorial video commemorating our passenger and their breathtaking final journey, using the images and messages collected during the booking process. We'll share a first draft for feedback within 5 working days.

The final video will be hosted on the memorial page on the website for you to share with friends and family, along with the digital certificate with all the details of their flight. We'll also send the video to you on a USB and share a digital download link if required. Alongside the USB, we will also return the passenger's vessel photo to you in a custom frame, engraved with the passenger's name and flight information.


We also offer a range of additional memorial items, including high-quality digital or print photographs from the flight, and additional copies of the USB to share with other loved ones. These can be arranged at any time following the launch and we’ll share more details of your options at that time.

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