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Sun shining above Planet Earth, suspended in the blackness of space

Memorial Video

A beautiful memorial video is the perfect way to turn a breathtaking final journey into a lasting celebration of life for someone special. On each memorial spaceflight, we capture a wealth of video footage from the twin cameras onboard the intelligent scatter vessel. Following the flight, we transform this into a personalised memorial video about the passenger and their unique scattering.

A beautiful memorial video

The video will show the passenger’s journey into space, culminating in the poignant and beautiful moment that the intelligent scatter vessel scatters ashes around the world. Complementing the footage from the flight, we invite you to share memorial photos of the passenger, written messages, and film clips or video memoirs. We incorporate these into the memorial video, ensuring each unique passenger is commemorated with a personal celebration of life. The video will be set to a beautiful piece of music that reflects the passenger's spirit. We’ll share a draft version with you before finalising the video, so you can make sure it’s a perfect reflection of our passenger’s unique spirit.

Alongside the memorial video, you’ll receive a memorial certificate documenting the unique details of the passenger’s flight, and a high resolution memorial photograph of the moment that the ashes are released to travel the world. These are hosted for eternity on the digital memorial page on our website. On this page, you can share memorial pictures from the passenger’s life, an epitaph or short quote and longer messages. Friends, family and loved ones can also leave comments to share memorable anecdotes and pay homage to the passenger.

In addition to its lasting home on our website, we’ll share a link to download the video for safe-keeping, and send you a digital copy on USB. We also offer additional copies of the video, as well as print copies of the flight certificate and the scatter image, so everyone can keep a personal memento to remember the passenger by.

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