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Old couple on pebble beach

Scattering for couples

When a couple spend their lives together in happy partnership, it seems only fitting to remain together even after they pass away. With our largest scatter vessel, we can accommodate the full complement of ashes from two passengers, allowing a united pair to take their breathtaking final journey together.

Sun shining over Earth with the blackness of space above

Sharing a final journey

When we carry two passengers, their ashes are comingled prior to the flight, mirroring the way in which their spirits were intertwined in life. Together, they travel into space, over 100,000 feet above the Earth, and in this serene and beautiful environment their ashes are released to spread out across the entire planet in unison over the next three to six months.

In time, this process will spread ashes all around the globe, encompassing the whole world. In this way, those left behind can know that their loved ones are with them wherever they travel, circling in the skies. For a couple whose ashes are comingled comes the additional knowledge that they took their final journey as one, forever united as they take their place in Earth’s natural cycle. Following the flight, the memorial video is likewise tailored for two, incorporating solo and couple photos and videos, as well as messages from friends and family.

You might be approaching us as a couple who are planning their companion ashes scattering in space for the future, as an individual who already has your partner’s ashes in your care, or as the administrator of the estate of a loved one who expressed a wish to spread their ashes in space with their partner. Whether you’re making plans for your future to ensure peace of mind for those you leave behind, or fulfilling the wishes of a beloved couple who have passed away, speak to our team today to arrange a breathtaking final journey for two.

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