Want to launch your loved one's ashes to space from a site of personal significance? We'll work with you to create the perfect send-off. 

from £3095

When we say goodbye to someone setting off on a journey, the place where we part ways can have a special significance. Our Personal Launch package gives you the freedom to pick where we launch, choosing a site which says something about your loved one.

Aura Flights can fly from almost anywhere in the UK and have launched across the globe. Our unique relationship with the Civil Aviation Authority and other international airspace regulators allows us to check clearances within weeks, freeing you from the stress of making arrangements. If your preferred location is unsuitable for launch, we’ll work with you to select an alternative site that honours your loved one and reflects their unique spirit.

The launch day is your event. Whether it’s a tearful goodbye or a joyful farewell, our team will help you make it a personal experience. While our launch technicians ready the balloon and scattering vessel, an attendee will be on hand to explain the process and answer any questions.

Meanwhile, you can share photos and videos of your loved one on our digital display, play music or share treasured memories with other attendees. When you’re ready for us to launch, everyone can raise a glass of bubbly before sending your loved one on their breathtaking final journey.

After the launch is complete, we’ll put together a beautiful memorial video incorporating music of your choice and any images, video or messages you want to include. We’ll send this to you on your choice of USB or DVD, along with a flight certificate recording the details of your loved one’s space scattering.

Personal Launch packages start from £3095. Share your perfect launch site with an advisor today.

Package Includes

Join us on the launch to raise a glass and say bon voyage.

We’ll take the footage captured on your flight and create a memorial video. This will show the ascent into space and the moment of scattering. We can integrate music or images of your choice into the video.

Per your preference, we can make a DVD of the flight video or send you a USB drive in a bespoke presentation box.

We produce a beautiful framed certificate, signed by the directors of Aura Flights, detailing the launch location, date and time. We use an image taken from your flight as the backdrop, ensuring that each certificate has a personal connection to the departed.

We’ll create a digital memorial page, hosted on our website, to celebrate the life of your loved one. We can display the scattering video and we can include any text, images or video you’d like to share. When you share the page with friends and family, they can leave messages of love and support and share their own memories of the departed.

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