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Passenger Pages | Space Memorials With Aura Flights

Updated: Jan 22

At Aura Flights, we scatter ashes in space for a one-of-a-kind memorial service. Our passenger experience is at the core of our service, and we've created this guide to help you understand the journey of each Aura Flights passenger and how the process works for their loved ones.

Aura Flights Passengers

Aura Flights passengers make their final journey into space where they are scattered over 100,000 feet above the Earth. Here, their ashes join stratospheric winds and traverse the globe for up to six months before returning to Earth as raindrops or snowflakes. This means that the ashes come to rest all over the world, making for an incredible final adventure.

Aura Flights scatter vessel scattering ashes in space with passenger portrait

Each one of our passengers is scattered using our bespoke scatter vessel designed by our in-house engineering experts. The vessel carries two 4K camera systems for beautiful footage of the passenger's ascent and scattering, and is equipped with a flight computer to ensure a controlled and breathtaking scatter every time.

Footage captured on the vessel's camera systems is used to create a personalised memorial video, to which loved ones can contribute images and video clips, as well as any quotes or other text they want to be included in the video.

Earlier this year, we began to offer all of our passengers and their loved ones the chance to add a photograph to the passenger's scatter vessel, to add a layer of further personalisation to our space memorial service. This photo is visible throughout the flight on the passenger's memorial video.

Passenger photos and memorial frame

Aura Flights passenger photo memorial frame

Following the change to our service where we now offer the option to include a passenger photo on our scatter vessel, we are pleased to share that we are now creating custom frames for these photos to be returned to friends and family following the flight.

Each memorial frame will be engraved with the passenger's name and the date of their flight, with a message from us visible on the reverse. This will be included as part of the Aura Flights service, with no extra charge.

Passenger pages

Aura Flights 'Our Passengers' page

Each and every one of our passengers has the option to get their own passenger page on our site. While many of our passengers are lovers of space, astronomy, and travel, our passengers come from all walks of life, and each passenger page can be personalised to reflect this.

A selection of Aura Flights passenger profiles

A passenger page contains the passenger's personalised memorial video, documenting their journey to space and their space scattering. Their loved ones can choose to further personalise the page with photos and a written tribute, which can be as long or as brief as they want it to be — take a look at our previous passengers to see some existing passenger pages.

If you have any questions about our passenger pages or our space scatterings, get in touch with our team who can guide you through the process. You can contact us via email at or by telephone. You can also find more information in our support and advice articles.



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