Aura Pets

Scatter your pets's ashes at the edge of space

Companionship, devotion and love are feelings that transcend the barriers between species. A beloved pet is a member of the family, so when the time comes to say goodbye, it’s natural to want to commemorate their passing like any other cherished friend or relative.

Scattering your pet’s ashes in space is a beautiful way to celebrate their connection to the natural world and their place in the circle of life. By launching their ashes into space and scattering them in stratospheric winds, their remains will travel around the world before forming the seeds of clouds, falling back to Earth as raindrops and snowflakes. The nutrients in their ashes will return to nature through the water cycle, helping trees and flowers to grow.


With Aura Pets, we’ll launch your beloved companion's cremated remains in our unique scattering vessel and film the moment of their release to produce a memorial video of their flight. All flights are launched from our dedicated launch site in Sheffield and you are invited to attend the launch.

Aura Pets costs £2195.


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