Seen us on Dragons’ Den?

In 2017, Dr Chris Rose and Dr Alex Baker went on BBC Dragons’ Den to promote a unique memorial service named Ascension Flights. If you’ve seen the episode, you’ll know we chose to walk away from Deborah Meaden’s offer, choosing to take a slower path to growth in exchange for complete control over our business direction.

Wondering whether that was the right choice? Today, we’re known as Aura Flights. Our scattering services are available in over 600 funeral homes across the UK and in the past year we've launched an average of two flights a week. We think it’s been a pretty good move!

We’ve also recently introduced a new offering to suit those who don’t want a full space scattering. The Voyager package launches a ceremonial portion of your loved one’s ashes to the edge of space and back, on a monthly shared flight.

Voyager is a perfect way to honour the wishes of someone who dreamed of being an astronaut, without saying goodbye to the ashes permanently. This is also the lowest cost space memorial available anywhere, at just £495!

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