How Aura Flights Work

Our engineering team has spent years to create the perfect memorial at the forefront of scientific achievement

Our flight system has four sections, each with a specific function.


The flight train comprises the custom space-capable balloon and the parachute deployment system.

The dual tracking system allows us to monitor the location of the flight system in real-time throughout the journey and recover every single flight.

The scatter vessel contains the ashes and scatters them in a controlled dispersal once the target altitude is reached.

The dual camera pod system ensures a stunning capture of the moment of release.

Our flight train and tracking system have been developed and perfected in our work as Sent Into Space. We have conducted over 500 flights in the last 8 years and maintain a 100% recovery record.


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Aura Flights and Ashes In Space are trading names of Sent Into Space Ltd.

Registered company number 07708966

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