Every person who leaves us deserves to be celebrated in a way which reflects their unique spirit. Many of our clients wish for their loved one's ashes to be completely scattered across the world, knowing they will be with them wherever they go. For this, the Memorial Launch is the perfect solution.


If you'd like to send your loved one on a breathtaking final journey, but still want to keep them close, the Voyager package is the best option for you. We'll launch a ceremonial portion of their ashes into space and return them to you in a beautiful space-worthy urn.

Whatever package you choose, you’ll benefit from a dedicated point of contact who will guide you through the booking and launch process, and a decade of launch experience trusted around the world. After the launch, you’ll receive a certificate detailing the flight and a stunning memorial video, as lasting reminders of your loved one’s breathtaking final journey.

We also offer a free digital memorial page to celebrate the life of your loved one, where we can host the flight footage alongside images from their life and messages of love and support from friends and family. Find out more about what each package includes below, or learn how we conduct our launches here.

If you're interested in securing your own place among the stars, you can learn more and book your own space funeral with us as well.

Financing options are available for all of our packages to help you to spread the cost.



See your loved one's final journey to be scattered in space in a beautiful, personalised video memorial.




Launch a ceremonial portion of your loved one's ashes into space and back again. A perfect space funeral service to help your loved one become the astronaut they always dreamed of being.