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Voyager service

Launch a ceremonial portion of your loved one's ashes into space and back again.
A perfect affordable option for every family.


For the explorers, adventurers, those always on the move, the Voyager Launch is the ultimate final journey that makes real a lifelong dream of travelling to space. We launch a ceremonial portion of the ashes on one of our monthly shared flights. The ashes are then transferred into a premium miniature urn and returned, along with a certificate noting the details of the flight and an image of the unique view from peak altitude.

The Voyager Launch allows you to commemorate your loved one’s passion for space while keeping them close. This is the perfect option for families on a tighter budget, or to add an extra special element to another process of memorialising a loved one using their ashes.

How it works

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When you book a Voyager package via our website, we send out an ash vial and filling kit.

You transfer a ceremonial portion of ashes into the vial, complete the label and return everything in the included shipping bag.

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We email you to confirm that we've received the vial and let you know when the next flight is scheduled.

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On the next scheduled Voyager launch day, your loved one's ashes travel on a breathtaking final journey to space and back.

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We'll let you know when the flight is complete and your loved one's ashes are sent back, giving you the option to select additional memorial items to celebrate the journey.

We return the ashes in a beautiful miniature urn, along with a digital flight certificate, a picture of the Earth taken on the flight and any additional memorial items.

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