Scattering ashes in space

Celebrate a spectacular person with a spectacular sendoff: scatter their ashes in space.

We carry our passenger’s ashes in a unique intelligent scatter vessel to 100,000 feet above the Earth, into the vacuum of Near Space. Set against the beautiful view of our planet, the ashes are released in a gentle cascade.

From here, they spend the next 3–6 months travelling around the globe, spreading out across the entire planet. Ultimately, they re-enter the troposphere, where they seed the formation of clouds and fall back to Earth as raindrops and snowflakes all over the world.

The ascent and release are captured on video to create a treasured memorial film of the event.

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Scatter your loved one's ashes in space

Aura Flights 2022
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How it works

The scatter vessel is lifted into space by a space-capable balloon filled with hydrogen gas. The balloon expands as it rises through the atmosphere, growing to over 20 metres in diameter. Once the ashes are scattered, the balloon bursts, releasing the gas, and our vessel parachutes back down to Earth for our team to collect.

The spacecraft is equipped with multiple 4K cameras which film our passenger’s journey into space and the moment of release. Following the flight, we transform this footage into a personalised video memorial of the departed, incorporating your choice of music, photographs and messages as a lasting memento of their breathtaking final journey.

This will be delivered on a USB device along with a certificate recording the details of the space launch. For instant access, everything will also be hosted on a digital memorial page online, where people can share messages of love and support.

Environmental considerations

The balloon is designed to burst from the top and break into thin ribbons which remain attached to the neck of the balloon. This means we recover about 95% of the material after each launch.

Our latex is biodegradable, breaking down at the same rate as an oak leaf, and isn’t treated with any toxic chemicals. Any pieces of balloon which break away and can’t be recovered won’t have a negative impact on the soil quality where they settle. They will also be small enough to pass harmlessly through even a small animal’s digestive tract.

By using renewable hydrogen as our lifting gas, we also help preserve the non-renewable supply of helium for vital medical and scientific applications

I look up at the blue sky and the clear starry nights differently since dad's ashes were sent up there...

...so much more than just a ride into space.

Mike Goodfellow


Choosing the best way to commemorate a lost loved one can be a painful and confusing process. To help make your decision, we publish a brochure and quarterly newsletter with all the guidance you need to plan a perfect space burial, as well as help dealing with grief and making plans of your own. If you would like a free brochure to be sent to you in the post please fill in the form below, including your full address.

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We offer two Aura Flights packages so you can send your loved one on a final journey that fits their unique personality. The Memorial Launch carries all your loved one's ashes and scatters them in space, while the Voyager service sends a ceremonial portion of your loved one's ashes to space and returns them to your care afterwards. Learn more about each package below.


Scatter your loved one's ashes in space and create a beautiful personalised video memorial.


Fulfill a lifelong dream of going into space, sending a ceremonial portion of ashes on an incredible final journey.

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Putting safety first

The unique scatter vessel has been designed by aerospace engineering experts to create a beautiful scatter every time. The entire launch process is built around ensuring the safety and security of our passenger, our team, other airspace users and the general public.

We coordinate flights with the UK Space Agency and the Civil Aviation Authority and can plan our flight paths to avoid restricted airspace and busy air routes. By combining daily weather data from 100,000 sources across the globe with sophisticated climate simulation software, we can plan the flight path to within 100 metres and target rural landing locations far from built-up areas or natural obstacles.

We have a number of secluded and beautiful sites across the UK allowing us to take advantage of the most favourable conditions and launch almost every day, all year round.

The team behind Aura Flights

Aura Flights was created by Sent Into Space, the world’s leading experts in Near Space balloon flight. With 0ver 1,000 flights launched since their founding in 2011, more than any other company worldwide, Sent Into Space has an unrivalled wealth of experience and engineering know-how.


All our flight systems were designed in-house and tested for over four years before public release, to ensure a perfect result every time. For more information on the comprehensive planning process that happens before every launch and the safety features onboard our scattering vessel, get in touch with one of our advisers today.

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